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Christmas To Your Door

Meeting people in their world Christmas morning

"Christmas To Your Door was formed 7 years ago when a man on and off the streets took me around to families who had nothing Christmas Morning and it opened my eyes wide open to the loneliness and sadness on a day most of us enjoy and cherish."

Joel Archer Director of Christmas To Your Door.

Christmas To Your Door is so unique in the sense that we meet people in their world Christmas Morning and everyone we visit gets a Christmas Bag of delicious Goodies, handbag full of ladies products & Toys for their Children. We are able to meet them at their lowest and been able to make their day a lot more hopeful. This year we will be connecting with 1,500+ families all through SE QLD, and bring hope to families who have truly believed society had forgotten them. We know firsthand a simple gift and visit on Christmas Morning can truly mean so much.

Christmas To Your Door last year impacted over 1,000 families throughout all South East Queensland. There where so many families that broke down since they didn't expect anyone to meet them at such a tough time. Here is one voice from the list of a 1000.

"Just another thank you for sharing the love on Christmas xo my special needs son has poor motor skills and we received a toy gun that he can actually use, he was so excited to see it shoot, it’s the little things that matter sometimes. My older son loved his gift too, so thanks again xo”

Michelle, Logan


Winter Warmth

Keeping people warm and fed during winter.
They need your help

"Winter Warmth was birthed when I was on the street for a while and saw how many people were sleeping rough in the cold. I knew instantly we needed not only to feed people but to give them warmth and ultimately hope."
Joel Archer

We meet our guests in their world running 8 events throughout all southeast Queensland in parks and community halls close to them. We provide freshly cooked meals and warm food like chilli con carne and pea and ham soup. As well as supplying everything a struggling family needs like jumpers kid pjs, blankets ect to get through the cold winter months.

The main innovation of winter warmth is that any guest will receive what they need to get through winter, for example the homeless will recieve street swags to keep warm on these cold winter nights. As well as feeding our guests we also have live music and entertainment for our guest once while we eat as we dont believe in the production line model this is building community and relationship in our city.

Winter warmth are now able to reach over 1,200 struggling families and homeless in South East Queensland. We have some great feedback from our volunteers over the past years of the impact we have made in the community and the relationships that we have built through Winter Warmth.

"Winter Warmth has been such a big eye opener for me and I can fully appreciate that I have a roof over my head and dinner on the table"

Felipe Cortez


Weekly Dinners and Breakfasts

Eating with those in need every week, truly keeps you in perspective of what's going on and what is needed.

Weekly Dinners are essential for Hope Within Reach and in many ways have shaped the core of the orginisation. Feeding and eating with the community shows you care and that they matter.

We also at these dinners empower homeless with food so when they leave they can feed others in need during the week. It is so enriching to see the homeless take initiative to help one another.

With our weekly dinners we have been able to connect and build community on a regular basis throughout South East Queensland. By our unique style of treating the homeless as guests and building relationships we have really been able to impact their lives not just with food but with Hope

Our goal is to build community and connect the struggling and homeless with local resource and bridge the gap between two worlds.

Logan Community Breakfast

Every Saturday 9-10am
Logan Gardens Park, Woodridge (near basketball court)

Maroochydore Homeless Community Dinner

Every Monday Night 6-7om
Cotton Tree Park BBQ Area directly off Second Avenue Maroochydore

Thank you for making these projects happen.